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Roof Repair

Do you sit at home cringing, just waiting for that storm to pass because you know your once reliable roof just isn’t doing its job anymore? Before water manages to get inside and start to damage your walls, ceilings and electrical goods, call Shane Jones Roofing for a cost free, thorough check. With over 10 years experience, we will find the leaks and fix them so you can sit back and relax when the next storm rolls over.


Keep you and your family comfortable this winter by getting insulation installed with your new or existing roof. Not only is insulation fantastic for keeping the house at a comfortable, regular temperature, it will also manage to save you money on your electricity bills as you find you will be less dependent on your electrical heaters / air-conditioners.


Do you find yourself turning lights on during the day just to get a bit of extra light? Let Shane Jones Roofing install a new skylight into those troubled dim-lit areas of your house. A skylight can dramatically increase the visual look and comfort of your home.

New Roof

Maybe your roof just doesn’t hold up with Victoria tough and ever changing weather conditions or maybe you just want to add on and extend for the expanding needs of your family; Shane Jones Roofing will have the roof for you! Shane Jones Roofing will do metal or tiled roofs, convert one to the other, or just simply add on a new roof to that extension. Whatever your desire, Shane Jones Roofing can help!

Gutter Guard

Trees can manage to seclude your house from the neighbouring world, giving you your own oasis, but do your gutters seem to catch more leaves than water? This can result in a much shorter lifespan for your gutters as the moisture is held in the leaves bringing on the process of rust prematurely. Gutter guard keeps gutters clean from debri, allowing water to flow easily towards downpipes.


Whether your gutter has more holes in it than your household strainer, its come loose, or its just not the gutter for you – Shane Jones Roofing will have the solution for all your guttering needs. We can also change your downpipes [link] to suit your homes new look.

Natural Slate

New and used natural slate (spanish)
with quarry warranty 75 years
Second hand slate (welsh)
all slate roof repairs
full roof restoration work

Slate roof replacement
terracotta Ties and cement tiles
Re-bed and point work
gutter and colorbond roofing
A full range of roof services